The Young Old House by Enrique Espinosa and Lys Villalba

Country house extension for a ‘rur-urban’ life

Noodle Story by Yatofu Creatives

The combination of old Shanghai eateries, Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong with Nordic design sensibilities

Interior Design of Hillside View by ARRCC

The concerto of the living space consisting of color, texture and materials

Little House Seabeck by mwworks

To capture the essence of the modern cabin

BUIT by Mayice Studio

GANDIABLASCO aluminium furniture collection for people to enjoy outdoor life

COTODAMA Lyric Speaker and SHELF by YOY

Two new pieces designed for the exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019

Zero-room Apartment by MS

A mobile, variable furnishing realizes a spacious living space in a 35-square-metre apartment

Yácatas 475 by EDAA

The black facade made of tiles reflects the surroundings

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        Organicare Showroom by Tropical Space

        A consistent frame system that can be flexibly changed and removed

        Xie Zilong Photography Museum, China by Regional Studio

        A cultural and artistic destination on the bank of Xiangjiang River

        Transparent Hutong No.3, China by DAGA Architects

        A new transparent glass box inside an old Hutong

        Warm of Year by Chunmi Design

        The life and the work

        Connecting Vessel by Vector Architects

        To present the vivid and peculiar growing progress of a building at the Venice Biennale

        Block House by nimtim architects ltd

        The concerto of materials

        Hotel Mercer 5* at mansion Castelar by Cruz y Ortiz Architects

        A luxury hotel transformed from a XIX century palazzo in Sevilla

        Garden of Seven Moments by Atelier de Molfetta Strode

        Domesticated wilderness: seven specific places refer to seven different moments

        Isenberg School of Managment Business Innovation Hub by BIG

        To create a singular place of arrival and a strong visual identity for the entire Isenberg School of Management

        M4 by CUBO Design Architect

        A dialog with the changeful scenery